Are you ready to get to work?

We are quickly becoming one of the leading companies in providing temporary employees to a wide variety of nationwide clients.

We’re proud to be listed as a preferred provider for many small, medium and large companies


    For Job Seekers

    Altima Personnel is ready to partner with you in your job search.

    Whether you are new to the job market, returning to work after an absence or want to target a different career path, Altima Personnel will partner with you in your job search.

    Most of our applicants are successfully placed in jobs matching their skills, interests and abilities. Available jobs range from hotel hospitality to manufacturing to health care and just about everything in between.

    What's the Altima Personnel advantage?

    There are endless sites and job boards on the Internet that offer you resources you can use in your job search. These sites are great if you want to spend hours reviewing hundreds of jobs that don’t come close to the opportunity you are seeking. It doesn't matter whether you are new to the job market, returning to work after an absence or you want to target a different career path. Altima Personnel is here to help find the employment you are looking for.

    We're dedicated to keeping you safe

    Altima Personnel has made it a part of our mission to ensure that each and every one of our job seekers are properly trained and placed in safe working environments.

    When you join Altima Personnel, you become a part of the family and the safety of our families is important to us. It's time to stop looking for a job and time to start working.

    We're with you every step of the way

    We work with you from the very beginning with filing paperwork, matching your skills and employment requirements to the right jobs. When you begin working with us, we will find out your individual needs from your work schedule to the kinds of jobs you would like to work to your desired wage.

    We're committed to keep you working

    Altima Personnel is committed to keeping you continuously employed in a rewarding job. We work with an extensive network of employers and are constantly partnering with new companies to create an ever-increasing inventory of jobs for you to choose from.

    For Client Companies

    Are you looking for reliable, qualified and hard-working people supported by an agency that is dependable and ethical?
    We thoroughly pre-screen all our applicants; including background checks and drug screening so you can have a high degree of confidence in the people we place within your business, interacting with your permanent employees and important customers.
    We would like to partner with you and your organization

    Why work with Altima Personnel?

    Altima Personnel is a temporary staffing agency with the operations of a traditional temporary service as well as the modern benefits of a payroll service and management company. We meet the challenge of our new clients with innovative approaches by using creative systems and technological advances to manage people, time and equipment.

    Meeting your needs with flexible solutions

    Altima Personnel has developed preferred provider status with major multi-national companies. We also have an extremely high retention rate of keeping our customers as well as temporary workers. These retention rates allow you to do what you do best, run your business.

    Welcome To Altima Personnel!

    You will find that Altima Personnel is not your typical staffing company. Our clients receive an extraordinary level of personalized service that translates into productive workforce solutions time and time again.

    Your Partner in Productivity

    Temporary and Permanent staffing solutions

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